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Our founders realise that people want (and need) the time and space to push pause on their daily routine. That is why Feel You Retreats was created, so our community of participants can self-reflect and reconnect with themselves in a beautiful and serene atmosphere.

Physical and mental wellbeing are of utmost importance to living a healthy life, and require practice and dedication. Our Fitness Retreat provides the setting and guidance you need to strengthen your body, mind and soul.

Retreats like no other - we are not here to change your shape, to change your body but to change your outlook on life and how you see yourself.

Retreats designed with you in mind - to bring balance to mind, body and soul.

Our activities FIT our FEEL FIT ethos. There every BODY worthy, every BODY can do anything!

We started with a solid foundation, and have only improved our offerings. We are confident that our picturesque locations, first-class hosts, and committed community will inspire a life-changing experience.


Feel Fit

Here at Feel Fit we do things a little differently - we don't like to conform - we promote sustainable health, fitness and clothing. Our HQ is in Bristol, our ECO Powered studio is one of the first in the South West and we are proud of the community and safe space we are building.
We have our own range of sustainable gym and leisure wear which you can buy online or from our shop in Bristol. For every item we sell you will be helping us on our mission to help with reforestation.
This is why we have created our retreats also, to give you that little bit extra, to give back a little more and to help build a STRONGER future for us all.

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